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What is Asklepieia


Asklepieia Health Cluster is a large scale Cooperative network, focusing on Health and wellness tourism.

It constitutes of HealthCare providers, Hospitality businesses and Technocrats who invest in quality of service, aiming to establish Greece #1 destination of choice for Health and Wellness.

“Greece is a healing place”

From Asklepius and Hippocrates to modern state of the art medical facilities, Greece has a long history of inspired healers and innovative healthcare practices.

Dedicated to the healing god, the Asklepieia functioned as sacred hospitals, nursing homes, centers of religious worship and of popular entertainment, as well as gathering places for teachers and students of medicines.

Today, Greece’s medical expertise, modern hospital infrastructure, and internationally recognized doctors are naturally combined with its favorable climate, beautiful surroundings, natural thermal springs and advanced tourist services to offer a unique healthcare experience to international patients.