Leading the way in Health Tourism

Why Asklepieia


Because we are a Cluster

As a Cluster we are able to create economies of scale for our members, leading to best use of resources. Our partners and clients enjoy a variety of services without the hassle of dealing with many different providers. We are not one clinic or one resort. We are a Cluster of the best health providers in Greece, our members.


Because we are always growing

We are always adding members and partners. Look for us in your hotels, in tour operator and facilitator websites, in clinics and diagnostic centers. Apart from quality guarantee and fully audited services, we are developing a very interesting reward system for our clients and partners.


Because our business plan has been awarded for Innovation

In September 2020 our proposal for developing Health and Wellness Tourism in Greece has been awarded the second position by the Municipality of Attica, granting our 3 year business plan with funding from the European Regional Development Fund. We are very proud to be selected in the context of the Initiative "Promotion of entrepreneurship through the creation of cooperative innovation formations in the Attica Region".



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