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Our Specialists

Prof. Spyridon Silvestros
Assistant Professor of Periodontics

Professor Silvestros combines a rich academic career with many years of clinical practice. He is considered an expert in Periodontics by the scientific community worldwide.

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Dr. George Gousias

Dr Goussias is an Orthodontics expert, with a post graduate degree from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and more than 38 years of clinical practice experience in Greece and abroad.

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Prof. Nikolaos S. Kouvelas
Pediatric Dentistry

Professor Kouvelas specializes in Pediatric Dentistry maintaining his private practice since 1990. He has been teaching in the University of Athens and Moscow for more than 30 years.

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Prof. Konstantinos A. Alexandridis
Professor of Maxillofacial Surgery

Pr. Alexandridis has been teaching in Athens and USA Dental Schools and is an active researcher, with 250+ publications. He has been Clinic Director in 2 major hospitals in Athens and 20+ years of clinical practice.

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Nick Tselios
M.Sc Prosthodontist

Nick Tselios is a Prosthodontics expert with studies in Michigan USA. He combines an academic career in Texas, Nebraska and Athens with13 years of private medical practice.

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Niki Ntara
Endodontic Specialist

Niki Ntara is an Endodontics expert, with a post graduate degree in Endodontics from the New York University.
She has many years of specialized clinical practice.

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Dr. Aikaterini Petropoulou
Clinical instructor of Prosthodontics

Dr Petropoulou is an EPA (European Prosthodontic Association) recognized Specialist in Prosthetic Dentistry, with a vivid research interest and many publications.

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Tina Labrinaki
Pediatric Dentist

Tina Labrinaki has been working as a dentist exclusively for children, adolescents and people with disabilities, since 1996. She has a post graduate degree in Pediatric Dentistry and a Master of Science in Oral Biology.

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Faye Alexandridi

Faye Alexandridi graduated 1st from the University of Athens and gained an honorary distinction. She is now completing her Post graduate program in Periodontology. She counts 8 years of clinical practice.

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Dr. Dimitris Tsatsas

Dr Dimitris Tsatsas has completed his DDS and Master’s degree in Athens and he is also a doctor in Philosophy. During his long clinical practice, he has performed more than 35.000 Root Canal Treatments and Retreatments.

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Marianna Kontopodi
Aesthetic Dentist

Marianna Kontopodi specializes in Aesthetic Dentistry with studies in the NY University and years of clinical practice in the UK and Greece. She is a visiting lecturer in various seminars of cosmetic dentistry in London and Athens.

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