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Sogol Nasrollahzadeh, M.D.

Sogol Nasrollahzadeh, M.D.
Medical Chief
  • Degrees Medical Doctor
  • Specialty Medical Aesthetic
  • Primary Clinic Advanced Bio-Gen
  • Languages English, Persian, Turkish

Short Bio
  • Dr. Sogol Nasrollahzadeh is a medical doctor with more than 8-year experience in the private practice. In 2020, Sogol graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Giresun University in Turkey. Although she completed her studies, Dr. Nasrollahzadeh continues to receive training and to attend university courses in plastic surgery and skin disease related studies.


    After graduating, Sogol commenced working at the Ozel Bower Hospital, one of the leading private hospitals in Turkey. Over a period of 3 years after her degree, Sogol not only perfected her studies in cosmetic and aesthetic medical field, but also, she performed several successful procedures in treating dermatological diseases. Sogol has successfully completed additional studies obtaining an international certification and license in mesotherapy. In 2023, she set up her clinic in the center of Istanbul where, together with another doctor, patients can receive skin disease related therapies as well as plastic surgery assistance. From 1 January 2024, the clinic hosts also Advanced Bio-Gen in order to provide a set of stem cells treatments for several medical conditions.


    Sogol is usually described by her patients as a professional with high moral and human qualities, characterized by empathy, integrity, and compassion. Her dedication to the well-being of others is reflected in her ability for active listening and empathy towards patients. Sogol demonstrates strong morality in addressing sensitive issues and respects the privacy of patients with great ethical consideration. Her integrity is evident in the honest management of situations and adherence to the highest professional standards. Her leadership is team-oriented, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.


  • Training & Experience

    - The Giresun University of Turkey.
    - The Ozel Bower Hospital in Turkey.
    - Private Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.
    - Advanced Bio-Gen.

  • Clinical Interests /

    General medicine, emergency medicine, aesthetic medicine, stem cell treatment.

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