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Prof. Yvan Torrente, PhD

Prof. Yvan Torrente, PhD
  • Degrees M.D. and Ph.D. in Neurology
  • Specialty Neurology
  • Primary Clinic Advanced Bio-Gen
  • Languages English, Italian, French, Portoguese, Spanish

Short Bio
  • With more than 120 medical publications on stem cells in preeminent medical journals, Professor Yvan Torrente is considered one of the world’s best scientists in regenerative medicine, genetic engineering of stem cells and advanced gene therapies for degenerative diseases. Prof. Torrente is currently the director of the Neurology department of the “Policlinico” Hospital in Milan as well as the head of the cell laboratory for the advanced therapy medical products in Milan.


    In addition, Yvan is a professor in neurology at the University of Milan. Prof. Torrente is assisted by a team of highly trained and well-regarded doctors, biologists and researchers in the laboratory in Milan who provide external assistance and consultancy to our medical team. Specifically, over the years, Professor Torrente has helped our team to develop GMP compliant and high-quality safety standards in complex research projects, applying the same to medicinal and clinical products catered for specific uses.


    Professor Torrente is currently leading and supervising several clinical trials in Europe on stem cell use in human beings as well as other advanced therapy medical products. He also provides assistance and consultancy services to several other hospitals worldwide, especially in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. Finally, Yvan is a well-known speaker at prestigious events, seminars and symposiums worldwide.


  • Training & Experience
  • Clinical Interests /

    Neurology and genetic engineering.

  • Research Interests

    Professor Torrente is currently the head of the cell factory and cell laboratory of the “Policlinico” hospital of Milan. He leads and supervises some of the most important and relevant cell and gene therapy research programs in Europe.

  • Conditions Treated

    Neurological conditions, peripheral nervous system diseases, rare disease, neuro-degenerative disorders.

  • Publications

    Professor Torrente over 120 publications in medical journals, all of which are accessible on the PubMed website.

  • Other Locations “Policlinico” hospital of Milan.
  • Accreditation and Insurance

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