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Athens Chinese Medicine Center


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Athens Chinese Medicine Center
Athens Chinese Medicine Center
Traditional Chinese Medicine Center
  • SpecializationTraditional Chinese Medicine
  • Location 12 Papanikoli Str., Chalandri 15232, Athens

Short Description
  • The Athens Chinese Traditional Medicine - Medical Center is the first traditional Chinese medical, research and training institute jointly established by the China Anhui University of Chinese Medicine and the Greece International Health Tourism Center. Its aim is to  provide the very authentic, high-quality traditional Chinese medical services, develop common medicine research and organize the short training and lectures for the local talents.


    Anhui University of Chinese Medicine engages in sending high-level Chinese specialists to relieve sufferings and recuperate health for the patients, inviting medical professors and scholars to present lectures of Chinese medicine to the Greek community, actively contributing to the mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and Greek people.


Clinic Departments/Treatments



Acupuncture + TDP lamp

Dredging the meridians.

Acupuncture + TDP lamp + massage

Dredging the meridians, relieving muscle fatigue

Acupuncture + TDP lamp + moxibustion

Dredging the meridians, warming meridians and dispelling cold

Acupuncture + TDP lamp + cupping

Dredging the meridians, expelling wind and removing cold

Electroacupuncture + TDP lamp

Dredging the meridians, relieving pain, improving the course of Qi and blood

Massage + cupping

Removing stasis, dispelling Cold and dampness

Massage + moxibustion

Open up meridians

Massage + scraping

Restore muscle elasticity

Scraping + cupping

Improve Qi and blood circulation

Scraping + moxibustion

Relax tendons and activate blood circulation

  • Degrees MD
  • Specialty Internal Medicine
Dr. Ying Cao
Dr. Ying Cao
Attending Physician
  • Degrees Master Degree
  • Specialty Traditional Chinese Massage
Dr. Yong Wu
Dr. Yong Wu
Attending Physician
  • Degrees Master Degree
  • Specialty Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine