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Diagnostiki Athinon


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Diagnostiki Athinon
Diagnostiki Athinon
Clinical & Research Laboratory
  • SpecializationClinical & Research Laboratory
  • Location 6 Mesogeion Avenue, Ambelokipi, 11527

Short Description
  • Diagnostiki Athinon is a medical laboratory established in 2007 by Vasileios Sideris, Doctor-Biopathologist and Biologist, research associate of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute. The Lab offers patients specialized tests of Preventive and Functional Medicine along with all the traditional laboratory analyses.


    Ever since its creation, the lab has focused on highly specialized and research-oriented tests, with an emphasis on research and high-level laboratory medicine.


    Our services are used by patients, clinical doctors, nutritionists and other health scientists, public and private hospitals throughout Greece as well as in foreign countries.


    What we offer as a laboratory:
    - The largest range of Functional Medical Laboratory tests in Greece and one of the largest in Europe. More than 150 Preventive and Functional Medicine tests are available
    - Customized interpretations regarding the results of the Preventive tests
    - Specialized tests regarding Male Infertility
    - More than 1400 diagnostic tests (Biochemical, Haematological, Hormonal, Immunological, Microbiological, Molecular) and many individualized profile tests, depending on   gender, age and symptoms in question
    - Extremely fast response times
    - Competitive pricing
    - Clinical training and support
    We work closely with research institutions and Universities, both from Greece and abroad, so that we can provide patients and health scientists who trust us with a very large amount of specialised and innovative lab analyses.


    The search for innovation is in our blood. We are constantly scanning the literature for new biomarkers of scientific and diagnostic interest, in order to make them available to the medical community, as well as the patients.


    Our mission is to provide patients who trust us with all the quality diagnostic assets required so that they can remain healthy and restore their health to an excellent level. Our mission is also to innovate, inspire and improve the solutions available to clinical doctors, by giving them the most personalized collaboration experience as well as the highest quality of laboratory testing.


    Our core values include respect for man and a sense of responsibility. All of us at Diagnostiki Athinon, never forget that every sample we analyze represents a human life. All the examinations we perform are carried out using all the scientific rules that govern Medical Science.


    The laboratory holds the 18129/12-07-2007 establishment license and the 29757/21-11-2007 operating license of the Prefecture of Athens. The laboratory operates as a legal practice, supervised by the Medical Association of Athens (License number 09509).


    High-quality laboratory tests are always the expression of the harmonious cooperation between clinical medicine, patient, and laboratory. Sampling and the transportation of the sample, analysis, laboratory medical interpretation, and even the transfer of results to clinical practice is a complex process. In order to make this process more transparent, eliminate possible sources of errors, and prepare the laboratory findings in a correct and reliable fashion, we have introduced a complete quality management system.


    Since 2012, Diagnostiki Athinon has installed and operates the ISO 9001:2008 quality system. Ever since then, it operates consistently in accordance with the European quality guidelines. Since 2018 the quality system was updated to ISO 9001:2015 (Certificate Number 6133.159/18) certified by EQA Hellas for all the activities of the laboratory. The laboratory has been continuously participating since its establishment in Interlaboratory Quality Control Schemes (External Quality Control) as well as in specialized Quality Controls.


    Functional Medicine locates and addresses the root causes of diseases and helps patients make the necessary lifestyle changes to restore vitality and good health. Diseases (both chronic and acute) are often the results of imbalances and dysfunctions of the body’s normal processes. Functional medicine addresses the underlying causes leading to the onset of the diseases rather than treating the symptoms.


    Functional Medicine focuses on the control and understanding of fundamental cellular processes, environmental influences, and genetic predispositions that affect health and lead to the manifestation of diseases. Both at the preventive as well as diagnostic and therapeutic level, Functional Medicine is a real asset for the etiological and essential treatment of diseases.


Clinic Departments/Treatments



FemoScan® Comprehensive


AndroScan® Comprehensive


EnteroScan® Comprehensive


OralFlor Scan®






TeloScan® Telomeres Genetic Testing


TrophoScan® 200


Oxidative Stress Comprehensive Profile


Vitamin Comprehensive Profile








Dr. Vasilis Sideris
Dr. Vasilis Sideris
Biopathologist and Biologist
  • Degrees MD
  • Specialty Biopathology, Biology