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Massive Bio Inc.


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Massive Bio
Massive Bio Inc.
Oncology & Hematology. Adults & Pediatric
  • SpecializationOncology & Hematology. Adults & Pediatric
  • Location 90 West Street, 12m, NY, 10006, USA

Short Description
  • Discover New Hope and Healing through Innovative Cancer Treatments at no cost. We understand the challenges you face, and we're dedicated to helping you access cutting-edge cancer treatments that can truly improve your quality of life.


    Connect with Massive Bio today and take the first step toward new hope, healing, and positive change in your battle against cancer.


    Massive Bio: Pioneering the Fight Against Cancer with Artificial Intelligence!

    Massive Bio is leading the way in empowering cancer patients like you to find the best possible treatment options for your unique needs. They harness the power of AI to level the playing field in oncology, ensuring every patient gets the personalized care they deserve. Their approach connects patients with groundbreaking treatments, identifies suitable medications, and contributes to the development of groundbreaking therapies.

    Massive Bio's goal is to overcome barriers to patient enrollment in clinical trials, drive values-based decisions in oncology, and facilitate cancer treatment through data-driven insights. The company serves over 30 pharmaceutical companies, has contracts with research organizations and hospital networks, earning recognition from the US National Cancer Institute with the award of the SBIR contract.

    Massive Bio was founded in 2015 by a team of professionals with expertise in clinical medicine, technology, and mergers and acquisitions. With nearly 100 employees based in 12 countries, the company has a global presence.



    Discover Personalized Cancer Treatments: A second chance for life

    Massive Bio uses AI to analyze large volumes of data and provide personalized treatment recommendations to patients. The company specializes in oncology and covers many areas, including melanoma, lymphoma, leukemia, breast cancer, multiple myeloma, as well as cancer biomarker tests and more.

    Discover advanced treatments that were previously out of reach. These personalized cancer therapies are designed with your specific needs and characteristics in mind, offering a safe and effective path to improving your health and overall quality of life.


Clinic Departments/Treatments



Clinical trial matching and enrollment

By personalized clinical research matching technology, we use Molecular Profiling System, NLP, and Computer Vision Technology for the most suitable matching results, and clinical trial enrollment.