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Medical Beauty Center


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Medical Beauty Center
Medical Beauty Center
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  • SpecializationPlastic Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery and full spectrum of aesthetic medical treatments
  • Location Asklepiou 38 & Palamidiou Str., Piraeus, 185 43

Short Description
  • Every customer will have a unique VECTRA 3D simulation experience to access your needs. VECTRA offers you the opportunity just with a snapshot to see your needs and the immediate after the treatment outcome.


    Specializes in two fields:

    - Plastic Surgery:

    Full spectrum of aesthetic surgery with high end equipment and protocols of treatment according to the international guidelines. We offer a top notch experience with results that meet your expectations.


    - Aesthetic Non Surgical Treatments:

    Tailor made results with FDA approved products and equipment and gold standard treatment protocols. Our medical center is equiped with the latest technology :

    Special lasers e.g Fractional lasers for skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, Pulse Dye laser for vascular lesions reduction e.g port wine stain, strawberry nevi etc.Hair reduction lasaer platforms and other medical devices such as HIFU for non invasive rejuvenation and lifting of the face, Cryolipolisis equipment for fat reduction , Low energy devices such asRadiofrequency for cellulitis treatment etc.


    We only use FDA products such as fillers of hyalouronic acid(Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal) and Botox or Dysport.


    Every treatment follows your consultation with Dr Nik Manoloudakis a specialized plastic surgeon and our valuable team members according to your needs and expectations.


Clinic Departments/Treatments



VECTRA 3D Simulator

We are proud to offer you a unique simulation of your needs with this high end tech simulator and show you the after treatment outcome before you decide what you really need applys in both non invasive and invasive treatments.


Ultrasound technology that offers in selected candidates face rejuvenation, non invasive face lift and tightening of your skin. Provides you with just one session of one hour a natural result that lasts for more than 20 months. No recovery time.


One off treatment no pain no recovery time. Reduces up to 40% the fat deposits.

CO2 Fractional laser

Improves significantly the superficial layers of your skin. Removes the fine lines and rhytides of your skin and stimulates the collagen production for a more youthful face.

HARMONY Laser Platform

For facial rejuvenation, removal of pigmented areas, tattoo removal and vascular lesions.


Against vascular lesions and red scars.

Alexandrite Candela PRO

Hair reduction/Removal for lighter kins.

Sopranno ICE Platinum Laser

Hair reduction/Removal for darker skins.


Radiofrequencies that targeting cellulitis and lymphatic drainage.


For the lymphatic drainage of the body.


An injectable no pain treatment that provides to your skin vitamins, minerals and peptides aiming to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.


Cleansing of your skin.


Photodynamic therapy against acne and rhytides, rejuvenates your skin surface.


A broad spectrum of chemical peelings according to your needs.

Botulinum Toxin

BOTOX or Dysport, against dynamic rhytides of face and neck, migraine treatments, hyperhidrosis treatment, trismus of masseters treatment, Nefertiti jawline treatment.

FILLERS of Hyalouronic Acid

FDA Lip fillers or facial fillers tailor made to your needs.

Mesotherapy and Skin Boosters

Hydrating and rejuvenating your skin a broad spectrum of the best products in the market according to your needs.


Lower lid rejuvenation treatment.

Fat reduction

We offer fat reduction treatments e.g double chin.

Injectable Cellulite Treatment

Against cellulite and striae-stretch marks.

Dr. Nikolaos Manoloudakis
Dr. Nikolaos Manoloudakis
  • Degrees MD, MSc
  • Specialty Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery