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Nikolaos Kouvelas

Member of the Board & Head of Dentistry





Nikolaos Kouvelas










NIKOLAOS S. KOUVELAS Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, in the Dental Department, University of Athens and founder of EURODENTICA Specialized Dental Care.


He is a Graduate of Athens University (1975), Faculty of Dentistry and he has a Specialization in Pedodontics (children’s dentistry) from the faculty of dentistry of the University of Toronto, Canada.


He has been a Founding member of ΟΔ.ΕΤ.Ε.ΑΣ (1991) and President from 1991-2009 in ΟΔ.ΕΤ.Ε.ΑΣ Greek branch of the International Association of Dentistry for the Handicapped (IADH).


He has been President elected of I.A.D.H. (International Association for Disability and Oral Health), in 1998. Private Practice exclusively in Pediatric Dentistry.


He runs EURODENTICA Specialized Dental Care, Private Surgery (Eurodentica ltd. – formerly known as Athens Pedodontic Center) since 1990.


He had been teaching in 1997-2000 in Moscow University and had practiced in Moscow, for a period of 3 years.


He attends, regularly, seminars concerning Dentistry and Psychology, worldwide and gives lectures as well. Moreover, he has more than 100 publications in scientific papers and mass media newspapers.


In 2001 was the key note speaker in QUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA in the FDI Congress.


Since 2010 he is participating in a number of congresses’ and seminars in the subject of Dental Tourism.


In 2014 CEO of EURODENTICA S.A. under his guidance the Firm has been certified by TEMOS and Diplomatic Council.