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Onoma Hotel


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Onoma Hotel Thessaloniki
Onoma Hotel
5* Hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Type of hotel5* Hotel in Thessaloniki
  • Address 24 Monastiriou str. P.C. 54629 Thessaloniki, Greece

Short Description

ONOMA is a hotel that wishes to know its guests personally,meaning what they like, what they dream of, what they aspire to and to offer services that match their true profile and are totally related to them. This becomes true through smart technology, custom made experiences and emotional interaction in an upscale environment.



The hotel is situated in a hub of downtown Thessaloniki, a breath away from the train station.
An eight-storey building was strategically chosen for its location and was fully converted to house the hotel.


- Autograph Suite
A great view can change everything. Especially if you experience it from your own balcony. Looking over Thermaikos Gulf this suite is the epitome of relaxed lux. Comfort, style, connectivity. The perfect set to create your own story and live it fully, your way.

- Signature Suite
Your cell phone opens the door and you enter a suite that recognizes and incorporates all your desires. Digital affluence, generosity of space, abundance of amenities. You are the creator of your experiences and this suite stands as your ally and facilitator.

- Surname c-view
Now that’s a reason to spoil yourself bigtime. Go seven floors up and voila! There is heaven, fully equipped with breathtaking views of the city and the sea, an all-yours-balcony and a huge bed to crush and reflect on your good luck to be here.

- Family name
We are all brothers and sisters in this universe. And family is anyone you choose. Gather all your tribe in a room that feels super chill. This gang friendly space has a glorious king size double bed and a bunk bed plus comfortable living spaces. Enjoy bro.

- Full name
Your social feed will love this room. Use it as your setting for new experiences. Its contemporary spirit is a mood changer, with chic spaces that you can use however you like. Consider it as your own personal kingdom of cool modern lux with a big digital heart.

- Surname
Your big name is a fine metaphor for our big, modern, cozy, comfy, super functional room. With lots of space available for you to be yourself, use it to chill out, work, play, connect, have a great shower and get ready to discover the city’s hidden treasures.

- First name
Your first name is who you are. This room understands you so well, like you’ve been introduced. Spacious with double-twin beds, with all amenities and comforts that a modern day traveler needs. A true personalised experience just for you.

- Nickname
We are sure you have a nickname. Now you also have a super marvelous room high in comfort and personality that fits you so well just like your nickname. Perfect for easy breezy stay, the room offers a quite setting for self reflection or fun. The room is mobility accessible.

- Smart name
Travel smart is the new black. Pat yourself on the back for finding the ideal room for a business stay or for whatever reason you like. It is packed with all essential comforts and it is cool and enjoyable to live in. Its smart price is yet another uplifting element.

Onoma Hotel gives you the opportunity to personalize your room.

Choose from their experience room concepts:

Gaming Arena
Photo experience
Street basketball
Wine Tasting
Gray experience
Sweets’ lover
Rock music bands


- Good Mood Food Restaurant
Quality traveling is so much more than accumulating souvenirs. It is discovering and taking with you some rare gems of the local culture. Taste some local disheswith a certain gourmet twist, created by our genious chefs.Yummy.

- Street Art Bar
Street Art Bar is bringing the city experience indoors for drinks. We have decided to dedicate one of our biggest walls to street art, the most urban of all art expressions. The space features a mural of the well known Greek artist Cacao Rocks, playing with the concept of personalization in the contemporary urban landscape.

- Secret garden
It is not easy to decide. Is it an Instagram oasis in the middle of the urban jungle? Is it the hanging garden of your dreams? Your exploration of the hotel has paid off. You landed yourself at our special hide out. Come and see the seed of connection with family and friends grow.

- Library
Use the creative vibes of the “Library” to organise business meeting experiences far more original and unexpected than the ones you are used to. This is the place where the next big idea is born.

- Living Room
Comfortable couches and laid back furniture are signaling the new way of conducting business meetings. No more boring frigid spaces but home-like atmosphere that unlocks the best potential in everyone.

- Dining Room
Catch up with your business partners in the perfect ambience of your “Dining Room”. A U-shape innovative style will be your “table” where inspiration, creation and innovation will be your key points. At ONOMA, we are ready to serve you any time you wish!

- Playroom
Nowhere in the hospitality world will you find a networking tool that it is as fun and exciting. The Playroom offers its pool of balls as a space to conduct business away from business. The colourful balls operate as a great mood lifter.

- Boardroom
After all those video conferencing, we know a face-to-face meeting is all you want right now.“Boardroom” revamps the traditional business setting with an energetic space designed to spark imagination and set minds racing.

- Cloud Bar Rooftop
Any event is elevated at the Cloud Bar. Inspired by the vast openness of the digital data place called cloud, Cloud Bar connects its users with some of the most spectacular 360o views of the city. With three connected spaces and a pool, in a garden scenery, enjoy the perfect setting for your wedding, social gathering or business event.

- Fitness center


- Basketball court
You’ve got to see this. In the midst of humanity’s existential battle with the round ball, we have prepared the right surreal backdrop for you to practice your dribble. Master some skills and improve your technique of shooting and of photo-shooting, because this basketball court is the most one of a kind background you will ever find.

- Photo booth
An amusing way to take photos, share them and become a celebrity on the spot. Photos can be projected right there and then on the big wall of the check-in area. Strike a pose please.

- Perfume Bar
Our “personalise -all” philosophy has a scent of its own. At the hotel’s Perfume Bar you can create your own perfume and name it afer you. The bottle will have your name printed on its label and it will arrive in a special packaging. Ask a composer to help you with the procedure.

- Staircase Gallery
Even a staircase is a good enough inspiration for us. That is why we have transformed a purely functional space into a platform of art expression. Our Staircase Gallery features “Builders”, a photo exhibition by the photographer Nikos Vavdinoudis, with portraits of the people that have worked in the hotel construction

- Star gazing
We are a hotel with a telescope and with guests that appreciate a bit of star gazing now and then. Situated at the Cloud Bar our telescope can see galaxies and capture the magic light of stars and constellations.