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Pediatrics Center of Athens


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Pediatrics Center of Athens
Pediatrics Center of Athens
Member of Athens Medical Group
  • SpecializationPediatric General Hospital
  • Location 5-7 Distomou Str., 15125 Marousi, Attica Greece

Short Description
  • The First private Pediatric Clinic in Greece

    Since 1982, Pediatrics Center of Athens – the first private Pediatric Clinic in Greece, has provided comprehensive, high-quality health services to children, focusing on reliable diagnosis and effective treatment.

    Pediatrics Center of Athens employs scientific staff of all pediatric specialties and sub-specialties, nursing staff specialized in child care, state-of-the-art facilities and ultra-modern medical equipment, ensuring safe and comfortable hospitalization for young patients.

    Pediatrics Center of Athens is a proud member of the Athens Medical Group. Athens Medical Group clinics are ISO 9001:2008 certified for all services and ISO 14001 for environmental management. In addition, they have been honored with TEMOS “Quality in International Patient Care”, as well as the prestigious TEMOS “Excellence in Medical Tourism”, ranking amongst the “Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014, 2015” lists by the Diplomatic Council (DC), United Nations.


Clinic Departments/Treatments
State of the art Technology The Pediatric Center of Athens has state-of-the-art medical equipment, offering children the most modern diagnostic methods and the best available treatments:

• Innovative radiotherapy methods for children, in graphic accelerators, Elekta Versa HDR & Synegy new Platform
• Siemens 64-point Multi-axis CT Scanner with reduced radiation up to 50% & GE optima
• Magnetic resonance imaging in children, in collaboration with specialized pediatric anesthesiologists, at the GE Signa Architect 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging
• 3D General Electric Echocardiograph for triplex by specialized pediatric cardiologists
• Nuclear Medicine: A state-of-the-art Segami γ-camera performs the full range of scintigraphy, by nuclear physicians with extensive experience in children
• Ultrasound machine for 3D or real-time 4D ultrasound in the context of prenatal examination of the fetus and B Level examination
• Fully equipped pediatric gastroenterology bronchoscopy laboratory with the possibility of pH,'s and's and other specialized examinations
• Ultrasound System, new generation General Electric, with advanced software for the use of contrast media, to perform a full range of diagnostic and boarding tests
• Fully equipped children's operating rooms, where anesthesia is administered in the arms of the child's mother
Development ClinicExamination and monitoring of infants, toddlers and children With difficulties in cognitive skills, fine motor skills, speech and behavior
Endocrinology ClinicIntegrated neonatal, pediatric and adolescent endocrinology and diabetology services for outpatient care and hospitalization
Child & Adolescent Obesity Prevention CenterModel center, where the Lesser patient is examined by a child endocrinologist, child psychologist and nutritionist, with the aim of an integrated, interdisciplinary approach
Rare Diseases CenterSome diseases are undiagnosed, without the necessary treatment. Emphasis is placed on correct diagnosis, treatment and research, in collaboration with centers abroad
Backbone ClinicFrom infancy, it provides monitoring and therapeutic intervention for pain, idiopathic, neuropsychiatric, syndromic and congenital malformations, tumors, trauma, inflammation.
OtolaryngologyOutpatient clinics, echocardiography, speech therapy, otosurgery, endoscopic surgery of the nose and sinuses, head and neck surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery center