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Peristeri Medical Center


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Peristeri Medical Center
Peristeri Medical Center
Member of Athens Medical Group
  • SpecializationGeneral Hospital
  • Location 60 Ethn. Makariou Str, 12132 Peristeri, Attica Greece

Short Description
  • State-of-the-art general clinic

    Peristeri Clinic is occupying first-rate premises with an overall 78-bed capacity as well as five, fully equipped, multi-functional intensive care units with a 6-bed capacity.


    Founded on in 2007, Peristeri Clinic is conveniently located in the center of Peristeri. For over a decade, Peristeri Clinic is proud to have contributed to a truly new quality of life for the residents of the western suburbs.


    Peristeri Clinic is a state-of-the-art general clinic, occupying first-rate premises with an overall 78-bed capacity as well as five, fully equipped, multi-functional intensive care units with a 6-bed capacity. Its outpatient departments operate 24/7, staffed with more than 600 highly-trained doctors, treating approximately 2,500 scheduled and emergency cases per month.


    Peristeri Clinic enjoys a wide array of signed agreements with almost all insurance funds (including Central Pharmacy EOPYY, Bank of Greece,etc.) and numerous insurance companies (such as ALICO, GROUPAMA, AXA, ERGO, GENERALI, EFG-Eurolife, BUPA, Prime, Allianz and many others), involving both hospitalization and diagnostic tests.


Clinic Departments/Treatments
Colon and Rectal SurgeryThe Intestinal-Rectal Surgery Center at Peristeri Medical Center offer the latest in diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the colon, rectum and anus e.g. cancer, diverticulitis, perianal fistulas, hemorrhoids, stretch marks and many more. It is staffed by experienced surgeons specialized in the most modern surgical and invasive operations, while it is supported by the latest technology equipment. Surgeons work closely with colleagues in gastroenterology, oncology, radiation oncology, urology and other specialties to ensure that you receive comprehensive, innovative and supportive care.
Peristeri Medical Center is one of the institutions where surgeons from different specialties routinely remove tumors from different organs in the same operation (synchronous treatment). This approach combines two operations into one and streamlines treatment of people who have advanced tumors. Its surgeons are active in research to find new and better ways of diagnosing and treating disease and in educating the next generation of surgeons. Have also authored hundreds of articles published in leading medical journals and have pioneered several procedures and techniques, implemented for the first time in Greece, such as the hemorrhoid treatment with the use of ultrasound (TRILOGY), the Endoscopic Treatment of Pilonidal Cyst using the EPSiT Method, the Endoscopic VAAFT Method, treating the Anal Fistulae and lately the The Rafaelo Procedure, the new treatment that utilises safe and reliable radio frequency technology to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate, the common symptoms of internal haemorrhoids. Similar technology has been used successfully for many years to treat varicose veins in the legs, and this has now been adapted and modified for the treatment of haemorrhoids by the insertion of a special needle probe into the haemorrhoidal cushion, through which radio frequency energy is applied, aiming to restrict its blood supply causing it to necrose and fall away, relieving the patient of their symptoms.
Bariatric Surgery DepartmentThe Department of Bariatric Surgery of the Peristeri Medical Center aims to surgically treat morbid obesity and the diseases it causes, providing patients with services of an extremely high scientific level, in an environment where the strictest safety requirements are met, both from a human point of view. and in terms of technological equipment. It is in this spirit that the whole range of bariatric procedures is performed in complete harmony with the data of the International Scientific Community.
Unit of Bloodless Orthopaedics Surgery The unit of Bloodless Surgery is under the supervision of the Department of Minimal Invasive Othopaedics Surgery. The unit as well as the Department is staffed by doctors of various specialities , with extensive experience in non – transfusion surgeries. The unit of Bloodless Orthopaedics Surgery has successfully treated the entire range of surgeries in patients from all over Greece , the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans. The unit of Bloodless Orthopaedics Surgery performs total hip and knee arthroplasty with the most advanced and innovative methods , arthroscopic surgery of all joints using Nano Camera (1,8 mm) as well as soft tissue surgery with minimally invasive techniques.
Spine DepartmentThe Spine Department is staffed with scientists with specialized and many years of experience in the modern treatment of deformities, diseases, tumors and injuries of the entire spine, from the neck to the sacrum, covering all ages. Our pioneering vision is dedicated to maintaining the lifestyle of our patients, with spine problems, through cutting-edge treatments. It is based on a commitment to methodical research, accurate analysis of results, accurate development of new surgical techniques, sophisticated risk assessment, detailed planning and preparation - all created to prevent complications and ensure the most successful surgery possible. Our team is led by the future - now, as our pioneering surgical practice addresses the weaknesses of traditional spinal surgery with cutting-edge methodology, allowing patients today to benefit from the technology and know-how that is years ahead. Our mission is simple - to implement the best possible care, and to change the lives of our patients for the better.