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Centre Of Classical Homeopathy


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Centre Of Classical Homeopathy
Classical Homeopathy Clinic
  • SpecializationClassical Homeopathy Centre
  • Location 40 Levidou str., Kifissia, 14563, Greece

Short Description
  • At the Centre of Classical Homeopathy, doctors Spiros Kivellos and Leonidas Vellopoulos practice purely Homeopathic Medicine, within the terms of General Medical Practice. The orientation of the clinic is in the practice of Classical Homeopathy, the administration of one homeopathic medicine at a time that concerns each patient individually. This classical homeopathic treatment, as founded by S.Hahneman and taught by J.Kent and G.Vithoulkas, is the one that gives the patient the mildest and most permanent healing results.


    In our clinic, the combination of Homeopathy and Precision Medicine finds its best therapeutic application. A complete classic medical history is always taken, the patients' previous diagnoses and tests are studied, and further investigation of the diagnosis may be suggested. We believe that Homeopathy should be practiced by qualified doctors, licensed to practice medicine. In this way, the safety of the patient's health is ensured and the patient is fully informed about the real therapeutic abilities of Homeopathic treatment. Homeopathic medicines are recognized by the National Medicines Agency, they are safe and effective, without side effects and interactions with other medicines. They address to the individualized Psycho-Neuro-Immunology of each patient, stimulate and balance the immune system, treat a multitude of acute and chronic diseases, while contributing exceptionally to the prevention of patients' health.


Clinic Departments/Treatments




Homeopathic treatment of chronic headache/migraine.

Effective treatment aimed at complete healing, without side effects and always personalized according to the patient's clinical picture. Duration 2-6 months with monthly sessions.

150€ /session

Homeopathic treatment of irritable bowel disease.

Permanent cure of symptoms in a very short period of treatment. Very often 2 monthly sessions are enough to achieve healing.

150€ /session

Homeopathic treatment to strengthen the immune system, in patients with chronic recurrent infections.

Homeopathic treatment has as its main goal the strengthening of the immune system. The treatment of acute infections exclusively with Homeopathic natural remedies, in the context of emergency, also accelerates the overall establishment of a strong immune system. Duration 3 monthly sessions.

150€ /session

Homeopathic treatment of autoimmune diseases.

The early initiation of Homeopathic treatment in autoimmune diseases also determines the rate of the patient's final recovery. Early stages of ulcerative colitis and rheumatoid arthritis can be completely treatable. The right approach from both homeopathic and conventional medicine will lead to personalized treatment, to the benefit of the patient. The course of treatment is always investigated with the necessary laboratory tests and evaluated by a board of experts. Duration varies with monthly sessions.

150€ /session

Homeopathic treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis and asthma.

It is suggested that homeopathic treatment start 2-3 months before the seasonal manifestation of the disease. In chronic allergic asthma, 3 monthly sessions per year for 2 years are required.

150€ /session

Homeopathic treatment of panic attacks and chronic anxiety.

During the homeopathic session, the real feeling of repressed anger or sadness, which is always hidden behind panic attacks, is detected. Homeopathy's contribution to the treatment of chronic anxiety and panic attacks is remarkable. 3 montly sessions.

150€ /session

Preventive personalized homeopathic session.

A comprehensive conventional and homeopathic medical history is taken, where each person's predispositions are highlighted and discussed. The administration of preventive homeopathic treatment aims to achieve homeostasis both physically and mentally. The prevention of human health with Homeopathy is confirmed daily in our clinical practice. One session every four to six months is recommended.

150€ /session

Dr. Spiros Kivellos
M.D., G.P.
  • Degrees PGD
  • Specialty Homeopathy
Dr. Leonidas Vellopoulos
Medical Doctor
  • Degrees M.D.
  • Specialty Homeopathy