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Dental Excellence


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Dental Excellence
Dental Excellence
Dental Clinic
  • SpecializationPeriodontology, Implantology and Immune Prosthetics
  • Location 123 Vas. Sofias Av, 11521 Athens , Attica Greece

Short Description
  • Perfection in Dentistry


    Our clinic offers modern dental care based on the use of the latest technological advances and the result of continuous training and long clinical experience.


    Our office has over time developed a philosophy that moves around the following topics.


    Minimal invasion techniques

    Many times dentists in an effort to construct long lasting rehabilitations for their patients are leading them to solutions that are easier and more familiar to them, which unfortunately require unnecessary sacrifice tissues (teeth and supportive tissues). Our office instead is oriented at minimum possible intervention and longer if possible preservation of teeth, gums and bone that supports teeth in their natural state through developing techniques where intervention is limited to the absolutely necessary.


    Modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment

    The use of the latest achievements of technology for the treatment of dental diseases is mandatory for us. These devices are expensive and require a robust and ongoing education. The cooperation of many stationary doctors with the same philosophy allows the sharing of costs and convenience of time that is needed to fully understand the operation and capabilities of each technique. Thus for example, the diagnosis of periodontal diseases is with the use of highly advanced microbiological and genetic testing and the treatment includes the use of microscope and laser, thus avoiding most of the surgeries that were considered necessary with the old well established treatment.


    Friendliness to patients

    A lot is based on the complete, detailed and comprehensive diagnosis of each patient, with the most modern diagnostic tools (these include ultra modern equipment, as well as collaboration with diagnostic centers abroad). One of the most important steps is followed by a detailed discussion and information about the causes of the problems and possible treatment plans. The patient after full update is invited to co-decide with the doctor's the most appropriate for him regimen among the possible solutions proposed.


    Treat diseases at their root

    The usual practice in most cases involves the rapid relief from the symptoms of disease. This tactic, however, does not identify the real causes behind the symptoms. The result of such an approach is that although the symptoms disappear, the disease returns to the same, or with even more severe symptoms. With the right information and the latest technological diagnostic approaches, the main oral diseases could be fighter radically and the cure can be more predictable.


Clinic Departments/Treatments



Osteointegrated implants

The use of osseointegrated dental implants is the most modern way of restoring missing teeth both functionally and aesthetically. Prosthetic restorations on implants offer comfort and stability to the patient and avoid the preparation of healthy teeth for the construction of dental bridges. The surgical and rehabilitative phase of the treatment is done in the most painless and comfortable way for the patient.

Digital CAD-CAM technology

In our clinic we apply Digital Impression technology, Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing of dental restorations (inserts, inlays, faces, crowns) with the most modern restorative materials. This technology allows, among other things, the design and construction of restorations in the clinic, on the same day.

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal treatment without pain and surgeries. The use of both the laser and the microscope as well as the genetic and microbiological tests provide a painless and highly targeted treatment of periodontal diseases.

Remedial and aesthetic dentistry with new generation biomaterials

Use of the most modern dental biomaterials for absolutely aesthetic and long-term stable dental restorations (inserts, inlays, facades, crowns, bridges). Dental whitening and removal of stains from the teeth with the most modern means.

Tiny dentistry

Use a special dental microscope for the best possible disclosure of even the smallest details during dental treatment.

Laser treatment

Treatment of periodontal and perimplantation diseases, and surgical and cosmetic interventions with the use of the most modern dental lasers, almost bloodless and painless.


State-of-the-art equipment for digital X-rays (intraoral, panoramic, cone beam computed tomography - CBCT) of the latest technology with high diagnostic capabilities and the lowest possible exposure of the patient to radiation.

Microbiological examination

Microbiological techniques - unique in Greece - for the diagnosis of periodontal and perimplantation diseases, by identifying the responsible microbes that cause them.

Genetic testing

Genetic tests for the best identification of vulnerabilities in periodontal and perimplantation diseases and their effective treatment through individualized treatment for each patient.

Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment with the most modern means (digital x-ray, tip detector, motor tools, laser, microscope) to ensure the greatest possible detail during the treatment and the long-term prognosis of the tooth.


Treatment of orthodontic problems with the use of advanced methods and invisible orthodontic braces ( invisalign ). The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to correct the alignment of the teeth (closure) with the ultimate goal of a beautiful smile. Proper closure can facilitate chewing and speech while improving oral health. In addition, a straight and harmonious smile can improve our self-image.

Dr.med.dent Ioannis Fourmousis
Dr.med.dent Ioannis Fourmousis
Assistant Professor
  • Degrees DDS, PhD
  • Specialty Periodontology, Implantology and Immune Prosthetics