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London Heart and Chest LTD


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London Heart and Chest LTD
London Heart and Chest LTD
International Cardiothoracic Multiclinic
  • SpecializationCardiothoracic Surgery, Cardiology, Respiratory Medicine, GP service, Oncology
  • Location 264 Mesogion Avenue, Holargos & 37-39 Kifissias Avenue

Short Description
  • The London heart and Chest is a London based clinic that operates an international within Greece. The aim of the multi clinic is to incorporate professional analysis and treatment options to suit individual patient needs. Covering any heart and chest disease, from diagnosis and treatment, including respiratory medicine, cardiology interventions and cardiothoracic surgery. Whilst providing a patient centered approach from consultation to recovery.
    Upon initial consultation the patient will be thoroughly assessed by an experienced professional and advised of any additional investigations that may be required during treatment.

    In addition to professional analysis of the presenting symptoms or conditions, it will utilize appropriate multidisciplinary input where required to achieve the desired outcome for the patient. 

    The clinic offers a range of cardiac and chest surgeries with relevant interventions, details of which are listed in ‘conditions treated section’ which is not an exhaustive list, contacting the clinic with further enquiries is advised.

    As a team of expert UK consultants with a valid GMC license, we also offer a virtual clinic and second opinion using a multidisciplinary approach globally for any heart and chest disease. Our services are offered in different locations in Greece. We follow the latest protocols and use innovative techniques and various treatments at competitive costs. Our hospitals accept all private and travel insurances.


Clinic Departments/Treatments




Online second opinion

If you are seeking a second opinion for your heart or chest condition if you are unsure and would like an accurate diagnosis or recommended course of treatment for your benefit.


Virtual Clinic

Video call consultation, up to 30 minutes.


Outpatient Multiclinic

We run an outpatient multiclinic that includes cardiology, respiratory, cardiothoracic surgery consultation at a single cost.


Home/hotel visits

For any heart or chest symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, chest infections, advanced medical diagnostics and treatment.



Online prescriptions, medical reports/certificates.


Advanced cardiothoracic check up

A special checkup to ensure your heart and lungs are working properly to exclude any underlying heart disease, lung function tests to exclude COPD lung or chest cancer and other malignancies. We can offer an advanced cardiopulmonary check up to exclude any heart and lung disease at the same time or within a few hours in a one-off payment. Diagnostic exams, dependent on age, comorbidities, and past medical history including combinations of CT scans, MRI, ECHO, TOE, spirometry, blood tests, cardiac stress test studies, CT coronary angiogram, CT aorta, to exclude aortic aneurysm, 10 minute walking test and advanced cardiopulmonary exercise test etc.


Cardiac operations

Coronary artery bypass grafting including mini bypass, valve repair/replacement, minimal invasive total arterial endoscopic vein/arterial harvesting (EVH), minimally invasive bypass, aortic surgery, emergencies such as aortic dissection, chest trauma, ACHD adult congenital heart conditions operations, arrhythmia surgery, heart tumors, emergencies such as aortic dissection and chest trauma. ACMO surgical treatment for heart or respiratory failure.


Cardiac interventions

PCI, TAVI, cardioversion, angiogram, AF ablation, pacemaker insertion.


Thoracic operations

Lobectomy, video/robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery, trauma/emergencies, lung cancer treatments, pneumonectomy, adult congenital deformities, treatment of pneumothorax, treatment of empyema, rib fixation surgery for traumatic rib fractures, surgery for huperidrosis (VATS/RATS), surgical treatment of complicated pneumonia-empyema, minimally invasive pleural effusion drainage, long term pleural catheters, surgical treatment of spontaneous pneumothorax, emergency treatment of blunt and penetrated chest trauma, hemothorax, pneumothorax, advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation with special mechanical support, ECMO surgical treatment for heart or respiratory failure.


Thoracic interventions

Bronchoscopy, flex and rigid, trachea stenting, chest drain insertion, minimally invasive treatment of pleural effusion.



Where deemed necessary for multidisciplinary input pre and post operatively, as a team we follow a team approach in decision making cooperate with other specialties in complex cases.



Offer a special oncologist service, for heart lung, chest tumors.


Cardiology service

Arrhythmia clinic, heart failure clinic, hypertension clinic, cardiac emergencies such as heart attack chest pain, MI, high cholesterol clinic


Respiratory service

Dealing with COPD, chest infections, asthma, covid infection, chronic lung disorders and respiratory failure.


24/7 free telephone consultation

Free telephone consultation 24/7 in English +/- in your language for any acute medical problems in Greece.


  • Degrees MD, MSc
  • Specialty Cardiothoracic Surgery for young and middle-aged adults