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Margarita Moustaki Clinic


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Margarita Moustaki Clinic
Margarita Moustaki Clinic
Plastic Surgery Clinic
  • SpecializationPlastic Surgery
  • Location 4 Irodotou str., Kolonaki, Athens, 10675

Short Description
  • Our clinic is conveniently situated in the heart of Athens, nestled in the vibrant neighbourhood of Kolonaki. It serves as the private practice of our respected plastic surgeon, providing an array of both aesthetic and reconstructive treatments and procedures.


    Outfitted with cutting-edge medical equipment and technology, the clinic ensures both optimal results and the highest levels of safety for our patients. Furthermore, we place the utmost importance on maintaining stringent hygiene standards. We remain committed to providing a secure environment where the well-being of our patients is our paramount concern.


Clinic Departments/Treatments



Upper Blepharoplasty

1500 €

Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

3000 €

Breast Augmentation treatment

4800 €


5800 €

Botox & Hyaluronic Acid

450 €

Dr. Margarita Moustaki
Dr. Margarita Moustaki
MD, MSc, PhD
  • Degrees MD, MSc, PhD
  • Specialty Plastic Surgery