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Smile Design multi clinic


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Smile Design multi clinic
Smile Design multi clinic
Dental multi Clinic
  • SpecializationDental multi Clinic
  • Location 387 Mesogeion Ave., Agia Paraskevi

Short Description
  • SMILE Design is a multi-dental clinic providing dental therapy services of high quality and aesthetic value. Its mission is to elevate your scheduled visit to a unique experience.


    Dr Panagiotis Karpodinis and his fully specialized team offer a holistic experience, leaving any sense of outdated atmosphere behind.
    They also promote awareness towards people with special abilities and facilities are designed to be accessible and usable by people with disabilities.


    At Smile Design, dentistry is multidimensional, by treating your dental problems, creating a beautiful aesthetic smile and making the whole process enjoyable and painless, as they use state-of-the-art equipment to provide you the best services without pain, in a pleasant environment.


Clinic Departments/Treatments
Cosmetic DentistrySmile Design offers customized dental therapies which redesign your smile, providing a solution to your dental problems, while achieving a beautiful, natural appearance. These are:
  • - Whitening Treatments
  • - Composite resin veneers
  • - Porcelain veneers and porcelain inlays or onlays
  • - Smile analysis
  • - Zirconium crowns - porcelain & full ceramic crowns
  • - Cosmetic recontouring
  • - CO2 laser Periodontal plastic surgery
Porcelain VeneersPorcelain veneers are a painless, conservative smile makeover treatment, as tooth shaping is limited to the front surface exclusively. At Smile Design thin layers of porcelain are being constructed by a specialized dental ceramist, using the latest generation of swiss porcelain, to be spliced on your teeth without damaging them. This way you decide how to shape your smile precisely the way you like, determining even how visible your gums are going to be.
Resin Veneers“Dental Bonding”, or “tooth bonding” is a fast and painless treatment repairing worn, broken or discolored teeth. At the Smile Design ® LTD. dental multi clinic, dentists can repair tooth shape and colour using composite resin bonding in the most conservative way of modern aesthetic dentistry, to improve your teeth.
Dental CrownsA broken, denervated, dark or fractured tooth can easily affect your self-confidence and smile. Coming to Smile Design ® LTD you no longer have to worry about that. Smile Design’s dentists figure out solutions to every type of dental problem. By placing a dental crown they offer you the solution you are looking for.
Teeth WhiteningAt Smile Design® LTD, dentists apply the KTP laser whitening methods, the most up-to-date technique worldwide. In this specific technique, soft tissues - gums - are being isolated and then a special whitening gel is applied on the front upper and lower teeth. After the procedure patients have no teeth sensitivities and no pain medication is required.
Filling-SealsSmile Design’s specialized dentists use synthetic resins reinforced with porcelain granules for the process of filling, the dental sealing, as this dental technique is widely known. Reliable materials are always used on both the front teeth and the back teeth. The dental materials chosen are biocompatible to soft tissues so as not to cause allergies to our customers. You have to be sure that the restorations - seals are in line with the most modern trends in dental science.
Treatment of gum deseaseSmile Design offer the most advanced and painless treatments. The fully specialized team apply innovative, combination therapies, with which they achieve the best results.
Periodontal TreatmentPeriodontitis or periodontal disease refers to the advanced infection of the gums, in which the bones that hold the teeth in place become diseased, causing the teeth fall out or need to be removed - extracted. Treatments vary depending on the stage of the disease as well as your response to previous treatments. More specifically, periodontal treatments range from non-surgical, deep cleansing, scraping to surgery to restore the supporting tissues.
Root Canal TherapyIt is the endodontic treatment in which the pulp (nerves) and root canals (nerve channels) leading to the root should be removed so that you do not have to remove an infected tooth. The fully experienced team of Smile Design promise you excellent results.
Artificial DenturesA partial or complete denture replaces the natural teeth and provides support to the face muscles and lips. Smile Design combines high quality treatments and offer you a beautiful smile.
ImplantsDental Implants are the modern way to restore lost teeth. Using implants, the teeth not only look completely natural but your lost self-confidence is restored.
OrthodonticsOrthodontics refers to the restoration of the appropriate convergence of the upper and lower jaw in order to deal with problems related to speech and swallowing. Thanks to the technological progress, in Smile Design® LTD any orthodontic problems can be diagnosed in time during childhood and corrected more easily. For adults, orthodontics can be applied just as successfully.
Dr. Panagiotis Karpodinis
Dr. Panagiotis Karpodinis
Scientific Director of Smile Design clinic Ltd
  • Degrees BDS
  • Specialty Dental Surgeon