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Silvestros Dental Perio & Implants


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Silvestros Dental Perio & Implants
Dental Clinic
  • SpecializationPeriodontics and Implant Dentistry
  • Location Athens, Greece

Short Description
  • Silvestros Dental Perio is a modern dental clinic specialized in advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental disorders. It guarantees comprehensive diagnostics and offer various forms of dental care, surgical procedures, and cosmetic dental services.


    Following detailed examination, all the possible treatment plans are presented and explained to you. A  highly skilled team helps you  select the most appropriate one for your needs and desires.


    The Clinic covers the whole spectrum of dentistry and all treatments are performed exclusively by the respective specialists.


    The Clinic is located in the center of Athens, at 1 str. Marasli and you can access it easily by metro (Evangelismos station), by buses or trolleys. For car drivers, there are two large parking spaces a short distance away.


Clinic Treatments
PeriodonticsPeriodontal treatment, mucogingival problems, crown lengthening
Inplant dentistryImplnat placement, ridge augmentation/preservation, sinus lift
ProsthodonticsCrowns, Bridges, Dentures, Post-and-core, Onlays, Overlays
Restorative dentistryFillings
EndodonticsRoot canal therapy, Retreatment of root canal therapy, Apicoectomy, Dental trauma
Diagnosticx-rays (intraoral, panoramic, CBCT)
Esthetic dentistryWhitening, Veneers
Laser applicationsPeri-implantitis, gingivectomy, dentin hypersensitivity, frenectomy
Prof. Spyridon Silvestros
Assistant Professor of Periodontics
  • Degrees DDS, PhD
  • Specialty Plastic periodontal surgery Implant dentistry Laser applications
Niki Ntara
Endodontic Specialist
  • Degrees MSc in Endodontics
  • Specialty Endodontics
Dr. Aikaterini Petropoulou
Clinical instructor of Prosthodontics
  • Degrees MSc in Prosthodontics
  • Specialty Prosthodontics