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Dr. Georgios Partsinevelos

Dr. Georgios Partsinevelos
Surgeon - Gynecologist
  • Degrees MD
  • Specialty Obstetrician / Surgeon / Gynecologist / Fertility Specialist
  • Primary Clinic Institute of Life - Athens Greece
  • Languages Greek, English

Short Bio
  • Dr. Georgios Partsinevelos work is guided by the thorough and individualized approach of both the woman and the couple when it comes to infertility. His constant training and monitoring of new developments in his field of special interest, Assisted Reproduction, and his reverent adherence to the problem of the infertile couple aiming at the coveted pregnancy are the dichotomy of his success in his in vitro fertilization.

    Dr. Partsinevelos graduated the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and then specialized for one year in General Surgery at the First Surgery Clinic of "Elpis" Hospital.


    He specialized for 4 years in Obstetrics-Gynecology at the 1st Obstetrics-Gynecology Clinic of the Medical School of the University of Athens at Alexandra Hospital, which has been recognized by the European Board and College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG), part of the Union Européenne des Medécins Spécialistes (UEMS), as a Clinic that follows the high level of education, which EBCOG has set for the specialization of Doctors in Europe, in all fields of Obstetrics-Gynecology (Colposcopy, Ultrasound, High-risk Pregnancy, Gynecological Oncology, Menopause, Child-Adolescent Gynecology, Breast Diseases etc).


    Returning to Greece, he was associated with the University of Athens, initially as a Research Fellow and then as a University Fellow of the Medical School at the First Obstetrics-Gynecology Clinic of Alexandra Hospital ", for a total of 5 years.

    He collaborated with  MITERA and LETO Maternity Homes of the HYGEIA Group and has collaborated with the Assisted Reproduction Units "Fertility Institute", "Embryogenesis", "Medimal", "Iakentro", "MITERA IVF".


    In January 2021 started his collaboration with the Assisted Reproduction Unit "Institute of Life IASO" and the IASO Obstetrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic.


    He has participated as a guest speaker in lectures, in Postgraduate courses of University Clinics, in Postgraduate Programs, in Greek and International Conferences.


    All these years he has demonstrated rich research and editorial work with publications of papers in Greek and foreign language medical journals.



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